Academic Research


Alan is researching micro-actions for a master's degree project supervised by the Open University.

This survey is now closed. Thanks to all who participated!

Although the blog will live beyond the research project, your comments and references to other research will be very helpful for this project, either directly in the blog comments or via the contact link. Thanks.

My research project is defined as:

How can young people in developing countries
and development practitioners
engage with each other,
using cheap mobile phones,
to share learning about basic rights and needs
and focus resources on interventions they agree are most effective?

The questionnaire is relevant whether your work is in Africa or elsewhere because are extending the project to other continents.


We are working in collaboration with a few businesses, charities and expert advisors to build a business model and some infrastructure to use micro-actions as a mechanism for participation and social impact. 

Contact us if you'd like to get involved as an early adopter or as an advisor.